3 Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

A man holding his belly fat

Ever tried slipping on a pair of jeans only to find that muffin top refuses to tuck in? Belly fat is known to be stubborn and is a problem people face across the globe. If you’re looking to get a toned belly, you don’t necessarily have to starve yourself or spend the entire day in the gym. Yes, that’s right, doing area-specific exercises have proven to be more effective. Here are some easy exercises to help you get rid of that extra bulge.

1. Burpees

Burpees is an excellent exercise that focuses primarily on your core but also targets the chest, triceps, and shoulders. Make sure you have an exercise mat and wear comfortable shoes for maximum effectiveness. Begin by placing your feet shoulder distance apart, then squat down, placing both palms on the floor. Next, kick your legs back to get into the pushup position and do a pushup. Finish it off by jumping back up on your standing position with your arms in the air.

This exercise works on your gut and helps strengthen your ab muscles. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting slow and then quickening the pace once you get used to the idea. Three sets of 15 should do the trick!

2. Leg Raises

Next, we’re going to move those legs to target your lower abs, upper abs, glutes, and quads. Lie down flat on your mat. Make sure your palms are positioned flat on the mat as well. Then lift both feet together at a 30-degree angle while your face is focused on the ceiling. Once you’ve gained a little control, raise your legs further until they reach a complete 90 degrees. Wait for a few seconds and slowly lower them down. Just as your feet are about to touch the floor, raise them slowly again. One thing to remember is that avoid using your hands to lift your hips. This exercise is meant to engage your core muscles and get them working.

A woman doing crunches in a park

3. Crunches

This is one of the most powerful exercises that can help eliminate that stubborn belly fat in no time. It focuses on lower and upper abs, giving you a taut belly. Lie down on your mat and bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. Next, place your hands behind your head and gently begin to lift your head and shoulders. Then slowly lift your back to reach your knees and wait for a second or two. Return to your starting position. Don’t forget to exhale when you go back and inhale when you curl up.

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