3 Fitness Goals to Add to Your Bucket List

A woman training for A10k

Whether it's deep-diving into the ocean, paragliding on an island, meeting a celebrity, or even going on an adventure around Europe, everyone has a bucket list of things we want to do during our life. Bucket lists are an excellent way to focus on making your dreams and visions a reality. But before you set out on this journey, you need to ensure that you're healthy and fit enough to follow through. This is why we recommend making a fitness-focused bucket list to treat your mind and body. Here are some fitness goals you can add to your bucket list:

1. Run a 10k 

While running a marathon might require months of training and utmost dedication, running a 10k will be the perfect addition to your fitness bucket list. The distance is 6.2 miles and is an excellent test of endurance. The best part is that the training isn't as extensive as a marathon, but it still offers you that sense of accomplishment. This will keep you light on your feet, encourage weight loss, and strengthen your core. Like every other exercise or sport, begin slowly with a 5k and increase your limit every week.

2. Learn To Swim

Swimming isn't only an engaging sport but is an essential life skill. This can positively affect your insulin level, help manage body fat and boost overall wellness and health. Swimming every day for half an hour can keep you in shape builds endurance and muscle strength. Once you master the basics, you can conquer different swimming styles or even try a half-marathon!

A woman raising dumbbells


3. Master Bodyweight Training 

Contrary to popular belief, weight lifting isn't only for bulking up. You'll be surprised to know that incorporating weight lifting in your daily workout routine can help in improving posture, muscle power, promote quality sleep, weight loss, and gain bone density. If you're new to weightlifting, the first thing to focus on is working to lift your body weight. Once you're comfortable, you can begin lifting dumbbells. However, you must train under the supervision of a certified professional to ensure correct posture and maximum efficacy.

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