About Us

Meet Sheena!

Hi! I’m Sheena Stinson, an ACE-certified trainer and body sculpturing expert with years of experience in training myself and others.

My team and I guide clients through a complete body transformation; we implement health outcomes through the pleasure and joy of being active so you feel good and look good every day in every way.

I have a particular interest in helping women, and have a firm belief that while the end-result is important, so is the journey and how you feel during the process.

My desire to serve comes from personal experience. Facing the reality of my own personal health struggles and recognizing the need of community drove me to invite others along the way. 

Our Mission

Knew You was founded on the basis of self-awareness and active effort to improve the experience of being alive. So many of us struggle with disciplining our minds, strengthening our bodies, and finding meaning in life. Our holistic process allows you to tap into every avenue of energy to make the changes you’ve always needed to.

We aim to illuminate the pathway to self-identity in Christ by empowering others to put in the work physically, mentally, and spiritually for a complete body transformation to become the person whom God already knew and created us to be.

Since human beings are multi-dimensional and have a body, mind, soul, and emotions, we believe that effective healthcare attends to all of these aspects as they’re interrelated and affect one another.

What We Offer

Our trainings keeps a check on your mental progress as well as your physical one.

Your complete progress is what matters here, not arbitrary goals that harm societal standards set for us. Our job is to get you to a place of self-satisfaction.

At Knew You, we offer in-person and online fitness programs that are geared toward enhancing your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

You can opt for either individual or group training sessions. We also stock natural energy boost and weight loss supplements curated by our team, personalized guided workout videos, and will soon be introducing premium-quality fitness equipment and apparel to our line of products as well.

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