three bowls of oats and fruits

Most of us hit the gym hoping to get a good workout, but we don't really think about our pre-workout meals. This

a woman weight training

Does going up a flight of stairs leave you heaving and breathless? Do you avoid walking too much because of how it

a bowl of healthy food

How you move your body and how you interact with your surroundings your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions matters a lot. By strengthening this

a person exercising on the beach

It's no exaggeration that many of us promise to start fitness programs only to fail at the end. In fact, we make

a woman jogging

With summer in full swing, it's time to hit the beach and enjoy pool parties under the warm sun. However, wouldn't it

a person doing resistance training exercises

Engaging in exercise is essential to boost your health. However, if there's one type of exercise that ensures tons of benefits, it's

Most people tend to think of an abdominal six-pack when you mention core strength. However, abs are not the same as your

Have you signed up to run a marathon? Or are you a parent running after your toddler all day? There are many

According to a report, 22.6% of American women between the ages of 18-44 reported doing no physical activity other than their regular job.

a woman exercising on a track

Most people only consider diet and exercise when it comes to health and wellbeing. However, doing fad diets isn't the right step

a woman exercising at a gym

Regular exercise is important for everyone as it provides tons of health benefits. These benefits include lowered blood pressure, reduced risk of

Women in a group fitness program

Physical activity impacts beyond physical health. Whether you engage in intense workouts or mindful stretching, each has physical and mental benefits. But

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