Group Fitness Programs: Find Your People On Your Journey To Transformation

Women in a group fitness program

Physical activity impacts beyond physical health. Whether you engage in intense workouts or mindful stretching, each has physical and mental benefits. But do you know fitness group programs do more than improve your physical or mental health?

Group fitness programs also boost social health – a less touched-upon aspect of health and wellbeing. Many fitness coaches don’t always engineer their classes in all aspects. Nonetheless, social health is one of the important factors in group fitness.

Group Fitness: A Four-Dimensional Fitness Journey

If you’re a socially active person who learns and gains energy by socializing with others, a group fitness program is just what you need in life. Here’s how it touches each aspect:

Social Health

Group exercises offer excellent opportunities for people to socialize and lean on each other. It is the best way to seek and offer social support. Trainers can maximize social wellbeing through participant interaction.

Exercises that require support build trust among participants. Similarly, classes can be designed to compete and challenge each other. This deepens social interaction and, eventually, the social health of people.

Emotional Health

Although yoga and meditation are recipes for emotional health, we often overlook them in other forms of fitness regimes. Although it’s not commonly focused on, trainers and participants have a huge opportunity to improve emotional health via group fitness programs.

Cool-downs and warm-ups are excellent tools for emotional cueing. We at Knew You suggest people connect their exercise to something deeper such as a goal in their life or a family member they want to honor. By connecting physical activity with something personal, people create a more valuable experience from their fitness program.

Mental Health

It’s undeniable that physical activity improves the cognitive function of our brain and, ultimately, our mental health. But this benefit is reinforced when done in a group. Classes built upon cognitively stimulating exercises boost mental health. Working in groups is a great way to support and learn from each other. Finding people who positively impact your life eventually improves mental health.

Physical Health

The most obvious benefit of group fitness programs is their impact on physical health. Group fitness classes focus on high-intensity exercises to challenge participants. Group exercise is a holistic experience that does more than build muscles or increase strength.

A group doing a side-body stretch

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