March To Your Own Beat: Why Women Need to Prioritize Own Health

Woman taking an online fitness class

She's a good woman. She's always willing to sacrifice. She puts others' needs before hers. A used-to-be definition of a "good woman." No more! It's time for us, women, to prioritize our health. We have been conditioned to think that self-care is selfish. It's anything but selfish!

If you've been made to feel guilty about taking care of your needs before others' wants, this one's for you.

Why's Your Health As A Woman More Important?

Women are the cornerstone of any family. Despite the changes in gender roles, women continue to take the brunt of household responsibilities. Whether it is childcare, domestic chores, senior care, or any other errand, women can run them all.

Yet, there's less focus on the quality of healthcare for women. Their lack of access to health and social care resources posits a challenge. The better access women have to healthcare, the far-reaching impact it has on the overall health of a community and families.

The "Healthy Women, Healthy World" slogan embodies the fact that women play an important role in building a community, and neglecting their healthcare needs means neglecting the needs of a community at large.

Social Media Is Scary!

You know the peer-pressure women feel every day at the hands of social media. Women, especially girls, are more vulnerable to Instagram. They're bombarded with unrealistic body images, diet culture, and unprofessional advice from influencers. Meeting these beauty standards is hard, and eventually, many of us end up hating our bodies by setting unattainable expectations.

This side of social media has done more damage. It's time to focus on your health and needs instead of falling into social comparison with the glorified and unrealistic lives of others.

Medical Gaslighting

"It's not depression. It's just stress because you're getting older. It's all in your head." These phrases lacking empathy make us question our feelings. But medical gaslighting is even worse because the professionals we're supposed to rely on dismiss our experiences and concerns.

They make us doubt our reality. Many women face having faced fatal cases at the hands of medical gaslighting. 33% of the women had to wait longer than men for severe stomach pain, a study noted.

A woman carrying dumbbells

It's time to take charge of your health. At Knew You, we're committed to supporting women in their health and wellbeing. The focus of our one-on-one online fitness coaching and in-person personal training is on allowing women to prioritize their health. Subscribe to our 1-month body transformation plan today or contact us for more information.