Our Privacy Policy

Last updated on: 03 April 2021

Knew You respects our users’ privacy and takes measures to protect any data collected via your use of the website www.knewyouonline.com. This document lists how we access, utilize, secure, and disclose the information that we receive through your use of the website in its intended way. Ensure that you read this policy carefully and in detail. If our privacy policies are not agreeable to you, please exit this website and all its pages immediately. By continuing to use www.knewyouonline.com, you are signaling your consent to this privacy policy.

Knew You reserves its rights for making any changes to the privacy policy without notifying users. Your continued use of the website is a direct waiving of your right to be notified of any policy changes. The date mentioned above at the top of the page will be updated to reflect the last change made.  If you continue to use www.knewyouonline.com, you consent to all versions of the Privacy Policy. You should review the Privacy Policy as often as possible to stay updated on any changes. Knew You would not be deemed responsible for any gaps in communication about the Privacy Policy.

How We Collect Your Information

We have access to and will gain information about our users through various channels. We ensure that all our information collection adheres to the federal law of the United States of America.

The following are the channels we may get your data from:

Your Personal and Biographical Data

Names, addresses, email addresses, numbers, age, gender, areas of interest, and other similar information through which you can be personally identified is collected when you create an account, request a service, or place an order via www.knewyouonline.com. This information is provided voluntarily by you. However, we will not necessarily be able to offer you our services without this information. You are under no obligation to enlist our services, and Knew You is under no obligation to provide our services to you subsequently.

Data Derived From Website Access  

When you access this website, your connection to our servers makes us privy to information about your device and browser. This includes your browser’s name, IP address, your OS, what time you accessed the site, for how long you accessed it, what pages you accessed, and more. Please be advised that this information may or may not allow you to be personally identified.

Contributions You Make

As part of www.knewyouonline.com, you may be in contact with other subscribers or clientele of Knew You. Any text, images, videos, or other media you post may be visible to other website users. Please treat all such communication as public. Please also be aware that we may remove or delete contributions you make if it violates our terms of use or privacy policy.

Payment and Financial Information

When you make a purchase or a transaction via www.knewyouonline.com, your payment information is stored with personal information for our records, including your card type and number. We do not store any sensitive information that could lead to identity theft. Our payment processing mechanism keeps the details of your credit or debit card.

Cellphone or Mobile Device Access Information

If you access www.knewyouonline.com from a mobile device, the device’s ID, make, and location may be accessible to us.

Data We Collect Via Contests, Surveys, Promotions, or Giveaways

We may ask for personal information and other contributions from users for promotions, giveaways, surveys, and contests. We will store this safely via the mechanisms we have in place.

How We Use Your Information

We require the information as specified above to give you a high-quality and streamlined experience when accessing www.knewyouonline.com. The information we get can be channeled towards multiple areas. These areas can include the following.

  1. We may use your information to organize and execute promotional activities, contests, and giveaways.
  2. We may have to disclose your information if asked to co-operate with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in an investigation or for pending litigation.
  3. We may use your information to create anonymous databases for statistical business intelligence and analysis for better business decision-making. Your information may be used in said databases.
  4. We may use your details to host and manage user accounts.
  5. We may communicate targeted marketing efforts, such as newsletters, promo codes, offers, sales, and more via your contact details.
  6. We may communicate with you about account registration, account use, or product order through your contact details.
  7. We may use your information to manage our payment system and subscription mechanisms.
  8. We may use your information to streamline knewyouonline.comfor efficiency and better use.
  9. We may utilize your information to prevent fake and fraudulent payments or transactions, especially monitoring signs of theft, and protect the company against illegal activity on the website.
  10. We will utilize your information to resolve complaints or website function issues.

Who We Disclose Your Information To And Why

We share your data with certain third parties and internally for a range of purposes and conditions. Here’s how and why that happens.

To Comply with the Law, LEAs, or the Judiciary

If we are subpoenaed or required to release information as mandated by the law, we will comply with law enforcement agencies and federal, state, and local courts to the best of our ability. This clause includes investigations and litigations about the violation of Knew You’s rights and its users. This clause also encompasses information released about credit and possible fraud.

To Our Service Providers

We hire third-party services to host our website, maintain it, develop web content, perform marketing analysis, execute customer service, and more. Information may be shared as relevant to said providers.

To Website Analytics Service Providers and Applications

We may utilize website analytics companies and applications to enhance our website and services. This clause means that we may use first and third-party cookies to track users and analyze their movements on www.knewyouonline.com. This clause allows us to make better decisions about product development and website maintenance. When you use www.knewyouonline.com, you consent to the use of said apps, services, and cookies. However, we do not share and disclose your personal information to any vendors or apps.

Regarding Access to Third-Party Websites

The website www.knewyouonline.com possesses links to third-party sites such as social media platforms or other URLs via advertisements or content available on the website. When you access these websites, you will be exiting www.knewyouonline.com, and we do not take responsibility for the privacy policy of said external links. Ensure that you read the privacy policy of said websites carefully to keep yourself informed about the information being shared on those platforms.

How We Ensure Your Data is Safe

We leverage multiple technical and physical security measures to protect your data and payment information. However, while we may take significant steps, we cannot prevent theft and misuse entirely by other parties. Online information can be intercepted or stolen by malicious individuals or organizations. In case of such a breach, we will pursue legal recourse as far as possible.

Privacy Policy on Use by Minors

This website is not for use by minors, i.e., anyone below the age of 18. We do not solicit information from children knowingly. If you are a minor, you are asked to use the website via a parent or legal guardian’s account and with their direct supervision at all times.

Policies on Email and Other Forms of Communication

If you would like us to stop sending you any correspondence, please do any of the following:

  • Do not list your email address for updates if requested on knewyouonline.com.
  • Send us a message via the Contact Us page.
  • Send us an email requesting we stop sending you news and updates.  

How You Can Reach Out To Us

At Knew You, we’re always happy to answer any questions about our privacy policy. Please use the contact us page for queries and complaints.

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