Ways to Overcome Exercise Anxiety

Ways to Overcome Exercise Anxiety

Working out is one of the best stress-busters you can find on earth. That being said, many people also find fitness and workouts extremely anxiety-inducing.

There are many reasons why people feel exercise-induced stress. Some of the most common reasons are social pressure, setting unattainable goals, and stress about body image.

We understand it can be difficult to overcome exercise anxiety, especially if you're just starting out in our online personal training program.

That's why today, we're listing some tips to help you overcome exercise anxiety.

Tip #1: Start Slow

Fitness can't be achieved overnight — you shouldn't put a lot of pressure on yourself when you're just starting fitness.

Unfortunately, many people get anxious about working out because they expect to see results quickly. When in reality, expecting to crank out 40 squats in one go when you're new to fitness can be harmful. Putting all this pressure on yourself can result in feelings of anxiety. But that's not all, you're also increasing your risk of injuring yourself.

We recommend that you always start small and set simple and attainable goals for yourself. For example, start by only doing 10 minutes on the treadmill or taking a wall for half an hour. Gradually, you can start adding more to your routine.

You can also ease any feelings of anxiety and stress by starting your routine with meditation.

Tip #2: Be Prepared

Most people also feel anxious about exercising because they don't know what to expect. Fear of the unknown is a relatively common fear that can generate feelings of anxiousness regarding starting fitness. If that's the case for you, we recommend that you prepare to reduce feelings of anxiety. Ask your trainer several questions and check out for reviews online to know what to prepare for.

Tip #3: Do Something Fun

Make working out more fun and less anxiety-inducing by incorporating something you love into your exercise routine. This will help you look forward to exercising, which will reduce feelings of anxiousness. For example, you can listen to music or your favorite podcast while you work out. You can also start working out with a friend to make it a social activity.

Tip #4: Don't Compare Yourself to Others

It's very easy to get caught up in comparing yourself with others on social media. It's especially true if your feed is filled up with workout influencers with modelesque physiques. However, focusing on others' achievements can generate negative feelings. Instead, we recommend that you stay focused on your goals. a woman exercising in the park

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